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Chaulakarka Project completed!

Dear readers,

We have completed Chaulakarka Project. The first thing we want to say is: thank you so much everyone, who made this possible, since who sold the roofs of zinc, who have transported, who handed out, our team of volunteers (Juan and Francesc in this trip) and especially the sponsors of Namaste Nepal in Belgium 100% supporting this project.

This is the report of all material distributed:

  • 475 households in Chaulakarka VDC
  • 263 households in Vakanje VDC
  • 8 schools in Chuchure VDC Ramechhap
  • Those VDC 2 schools in Ramechhap
  • 1 school in Deurali VDC Bamiti Ramechhap
  • Rs 50,000 Nepalis deliver Shivalaya High School in Ramechhap
  • 2 Buddhist Monasteries: Thotung Monastery and Shivalaya Tamang Monastery

We also have kept in Police Station 40 Plastic covers for any needs that may arise in this region during Monsoon season.

We distributed 1,000 pills of Tibetan medicine donated to help with emotional scars and trauma of the earthquake




May the generosity and good heart all you grown and grown endless


Om Mani Padme Hung

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