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Be Human Nepal


We have been working in Nepal for 7 years, but a new Be human Nepal was born on April 25th when this country was devastated by one of the biggest earthquakes in its history. This simple and humble local NGO which has always worked for remote Himalayan villages, providing better education for local schools, drinking water to Sherpa’s households and other less known castes which inhabit this area of the world, has been forced to change its goals radically. Its is way behind our intention to make children learn more creatively or a better English, right now our focus is on survival, the most basic level of needs a human being might require to survive in these areas. Provide all necessary materials to build provisional shelters to get through the Monsoon season starting next month which will last until mid September.
When we speak about remote areas, one might imagine distant, but to get an accurate idea, to reach these areas one has to take a local bus for about 12 hours (if one is really lucky, normally it takes longer) to Jiri, the most important settlement of the area. Then one has to walk for 2 days up and down 1000 meters slopes. That is remote, where neither the government nor other NGOs are aware of their current situation. We are specially close to them because our director is from this area, this is why I knew about their situation when we started with our projects.

This is why I am Urgently calling for help and support for Solukhumbu, Everest region which had almost survived the first earthquake, but has fallen with the second one because the epicenter was very close. 90% of the houses have collapsed, including our schools.

Concrete projects for urgent realities:

Himalayan regions are divided into districts and our areas of influence will be Goli and Chaulakarka. In Goli there are 420 houses in Chaulakarka 450, that would sum a total of around 900 houses which have collapsed with the earthquake. We consider 5 members per family, which are generally more, this means we would be trying to help between 4500-5000 human beings.

Project Cost:

For those families whose houses have not completely collapsed (appox. 10% of total), which look like the picture below, we would like to provide them with tarpaulins for provisional shelter. They can still keep their belongings inside and sometimes they can even cook there. But they can no longer spend time, sleep or shelter from the rain inside because they are risking their life.

For the rest of the families, the majority, who have lost everything, their homes, belongings, elements for cooking, clothes, exposed to Nature and Mother Earth with almost nothing, we are going to send metal roof panels which we hope they may use for the future construction of a new home.

All of our budgets and perspectives may change all of a sudden taking into consideration that prices normally vary in Nepal and in the case of big demand for a particular item, this may drastically fluctuate. We may calculate approximately.

For tarpaulins 2000 Nepali Rupees (18 euros approx.)
For metal roofs 3500 Nepali Rupees (33 euros approx.)

How to materialize your help?

Your donation can reach us through our Paypal account or through a Spanish bank account. This money is directly transferred through Western Union to our hands (commission free because of Nepal situation) . We will most certainly buy the materials in India because they are cheaper and mostly because it has become very difficult to receive supplies from other countries at the airport.
We are not using either our nepali bank accounts because the government has recently blocked them and we could not have access to a our own money. Fortunately we suspected this might occur and we were able to withdraw our funds just in time. Delivery of supplies (tarpaulins, metal roof panels and nails) will take place in Jiri, the principal village of the area which is 2 days walking distance. We will ask the families to come to Jiri and we will thoroughly register what has been given to avoid misuse of supplies. We will try to register with photos and videos all of the steps given in the whole process.
This is not a call for blind faith, this is a realistic and concrete project that we hope we may realize thanks to your generosity and openness of heart facing this tremendously difficult situation for so many human beings. That today is happening in Nepal, but tomorrow it may happen in your own country. Mother Earth opens, moves, gets agitated. The level of pollution accumulation in the Everest region continue to rise, river contamination, plastic dumps you find in Himalayan trails and hundreds of non-conscious actions that make us treat Mother Earth in a non-sustainable way.
From the bottom of my heart I write and I wish that our consciousness and heart may open so as to understand that this is only the beginning, what once was a beautiful country that captivated millions of us very deep inside of our being, is left behind. A new beginning after this massive destruction. You are all welcome to participate in this rebirth the best way you can. I want to thank all the help that is already reaching us, the energy, strength and love of many of you for the nepali people.
Thank you and Namaste on behave of the whole team of Be human Nepal.